I was recently involved in a conversation with a group of mums, and one of the things that we spoke about was me writing for the StylehunterKIDS website. After the initial round of congratulations and polite smiles, it became clear that some of the mums didn’t quite get it.

“So, what do you write about? How to wipe the vomit and yogurt off your skirt before you venture out of the house?” asked one of the newer mums.

“I think it is articles about the new LuluLemon Athletica styles and how to mix and match the pieces for all the yummy mummies doing school pick ups” laughed a mother of a school aged child.

“How about articles about clothes for both adults and children which are easy to wash and dry, don’t need ironing and are durable so they will last a long time and hopefully multiple children” contributed another.

So we all had a bit of a giggle about what sort of style, fashion and lifestyle advice that mums would be interested in before we moved onto the next topic. But it got me thinking. How important is fashion and style to mums? Does that vary from new mums with young babies to mums with children who are all at school? Is it personal or are we influenced by other people (both mothers and others) around us?

As the founder of Playroom to Boardroom, I have access to a large membership of mothers, so I decided to put some of the questions out there and see what kind of responses I received. I am not exactly sure what I was expecting, but was interested to know how relevant the articles that I write are to a group of mums and try to understand better what they would like to see and what is important to them in terms of fashion and lifestyle.

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The responses were as scattered from a conclusion as you could possibly imagine. No matter how I looked at the data that I had collected, there was no grouping the information into some sort of trend. From this I can only conclude that the importance of fashion is very personal. I could see no noticeable pattern of an interest dropping off while children were babies and picking up again later on when children grew up. Neither could I see the reverse.

Although my sample size was small, the comments and feedback that I received really drove home to me how very individual this topic is to women, and it is that way before they were pregnant or gave birth.

Some women prioritise style, fashion and lifestyle choices very highly. The thought of leaving home without some effort to look good and present well, would turn them cold. Others do not even see appearance feature on their priority list at all. For some that has become the case since becoming a mother with additional responsibility and demands and for others they have simply always been that way.

Like most of the decisions that mums have to make such as breast or bottle, co-sleep or not and whether to send children to school earlier or later, there is no fixed formula which applies across the board when it comes to the importance placed on how we and our children look.

The most important thing is that we understand that everyone has their own story, their own priorities and that we try not to judge those who we may see as “not making an effort” or “yummy mummies”.

I am very interested to know how important both your own appearance and adherence to current fashions are and also those of your children.

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