Willow is such an absolute certainty for the most stylish names list.   As the pick for both Pink and Will Smith, the celeb cred for Willow as a baby name is very high!


willow graphic

The origin of the name is the Willow tree. Evocative of picnics by the river on a spring day, flexible limbs swaying in the breeze and strong, slender femininity. Pink has been quoted saying she chose the name because of a beautiful tree near where she grew up. “ I grew up near one. It’s the most flexible tree in nature and nothing can break it — no wind, no elements.”

Well known enough, your grandma will approve, but your Willow is likely to be the only one in her grade at school. First commonly used as a name in the 1990s, Willow has shot up the popularity charts. No doubt helped along by the powerful Willow from Buffy.  It is now in the top 50 in Australia, top 100 in the UK and top 200 in the USA. Right in the popularity sweet spot for stylish names.

Willow has an enticing symmetry in both written and spoken form.  Almost a palindrome, it looks the same reflected  will look stylish both on day care name tags and business cards.



The name Willow inspires lots of fun ideas for nursery design including name art, willow trees or Wind in the Willows. Willow has inspired a whole Pantone range of colours that would make a classic gender neutral nursery theme.

So, there is no surprise on the verdict for Willow. We give it a thumbs up, very stylish rating.

Every family and every baby is different, so just because I say Willow is stylish doesn’t mean you have to agree!

What do you think? Is Willow in your top 10 stylish names list?

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