With it being Superbowl Weekend stateside and the 10th anniversary of Janet Jackson’s now infamous half time performance, here’s a round up of fashion solutions for any and all wardrobe malfunctions. Keep runaway bra straps at bay and falling buttons on with these ingenious products and kits.


Commando’s ‘Matchsticks Double Stick Tricks’ Clothing Tape is a clever take on the convenient matchbook style which contains 50 double-sided tape strips. It only takes one at a time to tuck away bra straps and close up gaping button holes thanks to the medical-grade adhesive.

Match sticks

Minimergency Kits for Her: 

Celebrity stylists and fashionistas alike swear by this tiny kit with so much to offer! The Chameleon Minimergency Kit contains anything a gal might need. It includes 17 must-haves: hairspray, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, emery board, lip balm, earring backs, clear elastics, safety pin, mending kit, Shemergency® tape, stain remover, deodorant towelette, pain reliever, tampon, breath freshener, dental floss, and an adhesive bandage.Miniemergency kit for her

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Minimergency Kits just for him!

Any man can feel a little bit more like James Bond with the Minimergency Kit For Him. Just as useful as the original but tailored for the modern gentleman, it includes lip balm, dental floss, breath freshener, stain remover, a mending kit, a safety pin, extra buttons, shoeshine, a nail clipper, a hand-sanitizing towelette, a deodorant towelette, an adhesive bandage, and two pain relievers into a tin about the size of a deck of cards. Now that’s a full house.

minimergency kit for him

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