When it comes to Ab workouts, you want a killer ab set that actually works and shows results so here are my tips to tone, trim and master core stability.

I love short box Abs work,

1. I would start with a short neutral spine half roll, you can add pulses to the ceiling with to add challenge- be sure to feel the width across the shoulders. This has a round spine variation, which is fantastic as well

2. Short Box Side bend is a great variation to work the core in lateral flexion and extension. I find it hugely beneficial to place the hands behind the neck to access the correct shoulder placement. Add Arms into extension to increase to challenge to stabilize load through bodyline and position.

3. Short Box Lean, and intermediate exercise that brings the element of transference of weight into the move. With a strong shift in line from one side of the box to the other, it takes great AB control and is super beneficial.

4. Around the world, this combines all of the above!!!ITS YOUR ONE STOP SHOP TO CHALLENGE, although advanced move and always done in a one on one environment this move goes from lean, through round spine half roll, travels over to opposite lean… around the world indeed!

– Ali Garcia (Senior Pilates instructor)

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