We’ve all seen those cringe-worthy awkward family photos that do the rounds on Facebook and email (read on to see some of my faves). Well today we had our own family photo shoot… That’s something I never thought I’d say.

I always looked at other people’s posed photos and quietly sniggered at the staged snaps, fake smiles and matching outfits. However after having our own shoot I realised what a special opportunity it is to capture the precious memories of life with a newborn.

This shoot was a gift from my sister and after much debate I agreed that my husband and I would also appear in some of the photos. I was quite reluctant at first and wanted it to just focus on our daughter. It was awkward enough smiling and posing for our wedding photos. I wasn’t overly keen to go through that again.

Then in strolled in our photographer and so began a most wonderful day.


Having met each other on a few occasions previously (she was the make-up artist at both mine and my sister’s weddings), my husband set off showing her around our home. This was great as it gave me time to feed my hungry little one.

While waiting for instructions on how to stand, sit or smile, I was pleasantly surprised when our photographer (Renee Robertson Make-Up, Tanning and Photography) simply started clicking away, capturing the splendid banality of our everyday life while chatting about our home and what’s been happening since we last saw each other.

Standing on our bed, a ladder and any other surface required to get the perfect shot, she followed us as we fed, changed, dressed and cuddled our baby. It was unobtrusive and easy.
As I said, for me, the idea of family photos was uninteresting and a little amusing. I will now eat my humble pie. This is something every new family should consider. While candid shots by family and friends are wonderful, a photo taken with a good camera by someone who knows how to use it is priceless.
The memories of our family photo shoot will stay with us forever, as will the perfect pics captured on the day.
Now for the awkward family photos. I’m not going to lie, a few of these are quite disturbing…

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