ORGANISATION is almost a dirty word for the young women of the workplace who try to locate routine amidst their shambolic lifestyle. In an effort to reach their ideal potential, women frequently push themselves to be the ultimate version and stress themselves silly in the process.

The to-do list of a determined female is relentlessly running like Instagram comments on Kim K’s new pic. With plans to have the brows, read the books, tone the booty and pay the bills, girls are making money, breaking newly manicured nails and raising hell as trailblazing chicks. But how do they fit it all in !?!?!?

The road to success (or failure) is paved by one’s daily habits, which can coincidently make or break a gal’s planned ambitions. As Mike Murdoch proclaimed, “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine”.

Babes listen up, the beginning of structure is an aesthetically pleasing 2016 planner. Us here at have put together an array of charming organisational tools in case you have yet to jump on the sort-your-life-out bandwagon.

The team at MiGoals have produced a wide selection of on-trend journals with quotes to inspire.

Their varied collection includes hard and soft covers in black, white or vibrant colours. The MiGoals diaries are available  here.

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The creatives at Kikki K  have also released a motivating and colour-fuelled assortment to savour.

Find the goods here.

101_dreams_journal_inspiration_2014_peach_herob_1 2016_a5_weekly_inspire_diary_blue_cover 2016_a6_weekly_leather_diary_yellow_dated_2016_front 2016_a7_weekly_cute_diary_cream_cover 2016_desk_calendar_mini_cover_dated_2016

Preparing for life may seem like a daunting task, but with all the beautiful organisational tools readily available, the busy woman has a chance to find structure within chaos. Whether you need to plan weekly pilates classes, schedule press conferences or prepare for everything in-between, organisation certainly is the key to success. With all that being said, I need to go and purchase a colourful diary in an effort to get pretty damn organised. X

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