One of the goals I had between children was that after number 2 I would be more deidicated to working out in the aim of getting MY BODY back.

My ideal fitness regime/program was something that I could do with both children or at least with the youngest, be local and be affordable. So after a little asking around I found SOLMAMAS Slice of Life Fitness run by Charlotte Hay, she runs a group outdoor (or Scout hall for when it is wet) fitness class and as the name of the program implies it is targeted at mothers.  But unlike most personal training programs babies and children are welcome to come along.

There are 3 SOLMAMAS classes all at 9:30am (great for those that have school age children) on a Tue, Wed and Fri, she also has a SOLDestroyer class at 7pm on a Thu which is for men and women which is a harder class and not recommended if you’re pregnant. All sessions are designed for all levels of fitness and all she requires from you is that you do as much as you can and challenge yourself a little more each time.  Charlotte offers a FREE session so you can see if the class is for you or not. Which is important as you want to make sure that the class structure and the your trainer is a fit for you so that you fully benefit from the program.

For me to go to a gym I would have to organise it and ensure that I had childcare for both children. But organising is is NOT the biggest problem it’s that I’m doing on my own, there is no one to report to and the commitment level isn’t the same as it is when I say to a trainer that I will see you next session, so the likely hood of me going to the gym is slim and  excuses are very easy to make. I know I could have easily found a personal trainer however Charlotte understands that it’s hard to find time for yourself as a mother and also understands that babysitters/child care isn’t always easy or affordable so she has developed her program so children can come and watch.  But what happens when they are not happy I hear you saying, don’t worry Charlotte also understand this so if you need to attend to them by all means do so but she will quite often do it for you (if she can). Our Friday class was prime example of that at one stage all babies were crying; let’s just say it was a noisy workout. But just because it was noisy doesn’t mean we didn’t work hard…….. I’m still feeling it!

 Upon joining Charlotte’s program she gives you a fitness test and takes some basic measurements and ask some simple questions to ensure that you get what you need/want from the class. Here are my figures and answers.

  • Waist – 84cm
  • Hip – 106cm (thanks to breastfeeding as normally this would be 110cm plus)
  • Weight – 62.6kgs (again this has to be thanks to breastfeeding as last time I weighted myself I was in the low 70kms)
  • Fitness level – 5 (this rate you give yourself)
  • 2min Shuttle run test – 15
  • 30sec Push up test – 18
  • Plank test – 54sec

 What do you want to achieve – at toner body especially around the belly were the excess baby belly skin is. And as it’s best to gangue success with a measurement or a garment, I would love to lose other 3cm off my hips as a skirt I have will fit just that bit better. And lastly I don’t care what others think but I want to think of myself as a Yummy Mummy!






So now that I have shared my body numbers with you, come back in 6weeks time to see how I’m doing or better yet come to one of her classes. For more details log on to or call Charlotte 0402 515 487

Looking forward to sharing my journey to a happier and healthier me!