We know how quickly our children grow and it can sometimes be difficult to keep up when it comes to clothing.
That’s when Savers Recycle Superstore steps in.
Savers was founded by William O. Ellison and in 1970 the first store opened its doors to the public in San Francisco and it became a chain that same year and the Headquarters moved to the Washington area.
1980 Savers Inc. went international and the first store in Canada opened in Vancouver.  Savers have spread since then and we can now find over 230 stores worldwide.


Savers in Australia operates in South Australia and Victoria, Victoria has six stores and there are currently three stores in South Australia.

One thing I love about Savers is they offer a Recycle Rewards Card when you donate that gives you 5% – 20% discount everytime you donate. This is a huge bonus and I am sure it keeps us donating even more. Give a little and get a little back.

What makes Savers a bit different to other thrift shops are they sort their clothes by size, this is very helpful and will save you lots of time.

Perhaps you have a wardrobe full of boys’ clothing and you just found out you are having a girl, your little one gets tired of toys quickly or you just decided to clean out things you no longer use – this is where to go and while donating why not have a look around the store and find some new toys and excellent quality clothing for your family.

Thrift shops in general are very popular at the moment and you can find beautiful clothing for bargains. It’s also a very good way of teaching our children the beauty of donating and buying pre loved clothing.


The information about Savers Stores and their opening hours can be found here.

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