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Mick Fanning Skullcandy headphones

Remember when it was the hottest trainers to hit the pavement? Now it’s the best brands to cover your ears that matter. Sound quality, the beat, the bass and now the colour to match your tees, jeans and attitude. These are what we now need to move down the street. I’ve gathered some of the hottest headphones on the market that look great and have awesome sound.


3X World champion surfer Mick Fanning (pictured above) is a convert. Skullcandy are a Park City Utah based company. They have successfully targeted the outdoor market snowboarders and skateboarders and now have moved into the consumer market.The ‘crusher’ $159.95 use an individually powered second driver to trigger a vibration system. You’ll walk away impressed.

Skullcandy headphones

House Of Marley

House of Marley headphones

Marley from House of Marley headphones are of superior quality; soulfully designed and engineered to perform. What’s great about Marley products? They are crafted from earth friendly materials.The Buffalo Solider headphones are lightweight in ultimate comfort and around $99.95. The sound delivers power to your favourite music.


Sennheiser are fascinated by sound. Their passion and desire for the best possible sound experience is shared by their audience. Check out their top class momentum headphones. They are pure essential and uncompromising, obsessed with detail and they look the way they sound.

Sennheiser headphones


Urbanears are a collective out of Scandinavia. They promote colour, form and people while providing the freedom to transcend individuality and unify the sound experience. They are not made for any subculture, age group sex or religion. These headphones are for those inclined to listen to music, no matter what kind.

Urbanears headphones

Beats by Dre

Most of you would have seen Beats headphones on the market. Some say Beats headphones are all marketing and hype. I first saw them on the streets in Paris and they are quite expensive. They look good and the sound is like any other. Beats headphones have the distinctive red cord and large ‘b’ on the earpieces. They began appearing in music videos due to the company founder Dr Dre. This created mass sales and a new successful brand was instantly created.

Beats headphones

New style is colour. Simple black or fluoro greens, oranges and yellows. Match them with your tees or trainers and the look of sportive success is yours.

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