As you all know, my ideal fitness regime/program was something that I could do with both children or at least with the youngest, be local and be affordable. After a little asking around I had found SOLMAMAS Slice of Life Fitness run by Charlotte Hay, a group outdoor (or Scout hall for when it is wet) fitness class and as the name of the program implies it is targeted at mothers.  Unlike most personal training programs babies and children are welcome to come along.


Well it’s been 12 weeks now and I thanks to dedication and some sweat I can say I have MY BODY back….. okay not completely as no matter what people say your body changes after children. BUT at least I am back to the pre-baby weight and size……. sorry correction it’s more like before marriage LOL.

  • Waist – 79.5cm
  • Hip – 104cm
  • Weight – 67kgs (first weigh in was totally incorrect)



As for the target of fitting into something in my wardrobe,  this too was achieved. Originally i chose a skirt that i knew would look a lot better if I lost a little weight. However, at about the 6 weeks I remembered a dress I wore once (which was super tight) when I was about a month pregnant with number 2, there and then I decided it was the new goal and I had to fit into it for my 2nd child’s Christening. Goal Achieved! The fit was amazing, better than it did the first time I wore it….. Big smiles!

Unfortunately I’ve put a hold on training with Charlotte for a while while my baby of 9mths struggles to make 9-9:30am before wanting to take her nap, no matter what I do she just won’t sleep in the pram (too much to see and take in). I am still training though, I’ve just had to work in around the children and family. I am currently training at a local gym in the evening and while it’s not the best time for me I’m still MOVING IT.

I can’t thank Charlotte enough for having a class that allows children to come along. It was the benefit and understanding I needed to get MOVING and losing weight. While unfortunately it’s not working for me at the moment I’m looking forward to getting back to training with her and the other mums ASAP.

To get your pre baby body back check out SOLMAMAS her first class is FREE so you can get a feel for the class and see if it works for you and your little one.