Melbourne’s first mind and body health club, Kaya Health Clubs, opened its doors in November last year providing the city’s health conscious and active consumers with an entirely different experience to the usual health and fitness service.

Kaya Health Clubs offer a holistic approach to wellbeing and has a nutritionist, remedial massage therapist and personal trainers on-site. The health club also provides regular and customised fitness programs for its members.  One of the major benefits is that Kaya Health Club members receive specialised attention and unlimited access to all classes.

We caught up with one of Kaya Health Clubs Yoga teachers Jane Vasey to learn  the best yoga move you can do first thing in the morning to wake yourself up and feel energised for the day

I recommend practicing 5 or more rounds of gentle salutes to the sun (surya namaska) as the perfect way to bring vitality into the body and mind in the mornings. This flowing series of postures are traditionally designed to energies in the morning and to greet the sun; and by moving you through a range of motion, will increasing your heart rate, open up your physical space, and connect you with the rhythm of your breath. This is the perfect way to set the foundation of a healthy day!


Beginning in a standing position, with feet together and legs lightly engaged. As you draw your legs together, tuck your tailbone gently toward the floor and draw your public bone back and in to neutralize the pelvis. Lift through your pelvic floor and draw the lower belly towards your spine to engage the inner core. Continue this sensation of upward lift through the side waist and encourage your shoulders back. Lengthen through the crown of the head.

Inhale and lift the arms up, pressing the palms together overhead. Hinge at the hips and forward fold as you exhale, drawing your head toward the floor.


As you inhale, elongate the spine and lift the chest, coming to a flat back position. As you exhale, fold forward and step or jump back to plank position. Keep the belly drawing in and the upper body strong. If this position is challenging to maintain, come onto your knees to modify, by disturbing body weight into the lower legs. Exhale and bend the elbows, lowering into half plank position, keeping the forearms inline with the torso. Inhale and lift the chest forward into upward facing dog, pressing through the hands and rising through the spine. Exhale to press back to downward facing dog, lifting the hips and maintaining core containment through the transition. Take 3 -5 deep breaths in downward facing dog, softening the kneed to lengthening the spine, defining the sit bones as you press them up and back, and distributing the body weight equally though hands and feet.


On your last exhale, bend the knees, lift the hips and step or jump to the top of the mat. Inhale to again lengthen the spine, and exhale into your forward fold. As you inhale, raise the arms out and up, coming into standing with arms overhead, palms touch. Exhale and draw the arms by the sides, returning to mountain pose.

Repeat 3 – 5 times. After moving through your sun salutes, take a moment to pause to enjoy the after effects of this energizing ancient movement.

Enjoy the day!

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Kaya Health Clubs offers members authentic yoga classes run by teachers who nurture their practice and have extensive local and international training in their field, as well as specialised Pilates group reformer classes run by instructors trained by the Elixr School of Pilates, Australia’s leading Pilates education provider. Kaya Health Clubs also offers fitness classes as well as technically advanced and design-inspired cardio and weight areas, which are fitted with the most advanced exercise equipment available in the country.

Christian Ruggeri, co-founder of Kaya Health Clubs, has spent the last seven years in Sydney working at the very successful Elixr Health Clubs ,which has Sydney-based celebrity followers including Lara Bingle, Sally Obermeder and Annalise Braakensiek. Ruggeri identified a demand for a similar experience in his hometown Melbourne and returned to the city last year, with his business partner and wife Koula Ruggeri, to establish what is set to be one of Melbourne’s most exciting additions to the health industry.

Kaya Health Clubs is located at Pran Central – 325 Chapel Street, Prahran (the old Strike Bowling location)

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