Mr. Miyagi recently hosted a tasting of their new menu items in their hip eatery on Chapel Street, Windsor. The Japanese food and liquor restaurant delivered 8 drool-worthy courses of fusion Japanese/Western food.

Dining started with a fresh palette: Aonori Rolled Tuna Wafu Salad, Japanese Eggplant Rice Paper Rolls, Nori Taco and Tuna Tataki Pizza. The Nori Taco divinely exceeded my expectations of how a Japanese style taco could taste. The crisp nori contrasted perfectly with the tender grilled salmon belly. The Nori Taco is unlike anything I’ve come across in Japanese cuisine, it’s a must to try when visiting Mr. M.

There’s nothing I love more when eating out than food that combines different cultures. The Tuna Tataki Pizza hit the spot with its fresh citrus yuzu caesar cream and rare seared tuna. Crunchy and generously covered with fresh vegetables, the Tuna Tataki Pizza is a clean alternative.

Following the cold dishes things started to heat up (literally) with a selection of deliciously creative hot dishes. The White Cut Chicken & Buckwheat Noodles was only the beginning, as Mr. M said time to indulge  in the hard (fried) stuff.

Mr. Miyagi doesn’t take originality lightly, and even the Tempura Broccoli had the Mr. M touch with a superb kimchi seasoning. If there’s one piece of advice needed when dining at Mr. Miyagi, it’s that you can’t go past the Miyagi Fried Chicken. You don’t simply eat Miyagi Fried Chicken, you devour. The crispy chicken falls off the bone, and the secret seasoning combined with the Kewpie Mayo is perfection.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more satisfied, Mr. M hit me straight in my soft spot with sugar-sweet donuts and two decadent desserts; the Chocolate Mess and a Pumpkin Toast like you’ve never seen it before. The smooth white chocolate and pumpkin ganache, yoghurt sorbet and spiced pumpkin ice cream was perfectly balanced with the crunchy honeycomb and dense pumpkin bread. For those who think pumpkin doesn’t belong in a dessert, this dish will change you. The sweetness and creaminess masked any strong notions of the veg. The Chocolate Mess was kryptonite for any chocolate addict, a salty-sweet mess of all the best dessert elements; panna cotta, ganache, ice cream and chocolate fudge. Lava salt and orange oil gave the rich dessert a kick.

Pictured above – Nori Taco – grilled salmon belly, sushi rice, spicy napa cabbage, Japanese mayo, chilli oil


Japanese Eggplant Rice Paper Rolls – grilled eggplant, miso glaze, cucumber, peppery leaves


White Cut Chicken & Buckwheat Noodles – master stock poached chicken, roasted peanut chilli shiitake, bean shoots, silken tofu


Tempura Broccoli – Kim Chi Seasoning


Miyagi Fried Chicken – MFC seasoning, kewpie mayo


Mr. M’s Donuts – classic apple cinnamon jam and hot chocolate sauce, pistachio & gingerbread ice creams


Chocolate Mess – milk chocolate panna cotta, Valhrona chocolate ganache, lava salt, orange oil, kinder surprise ice cream, miso chocolate fudge 


Pumpkin Toast – white chocolate and pumpkin ganache, honeycomb, yoghurt sorbet, spiced pumpkin ice cream (Photo credit: 

Mr. Miyagi

99 Chapel Street, Windsor 3181

Keep up to date with Mr. Miyagi’s latest creations and events on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you’re taste buds are already tingling at the sight of this feast, you can view the full Mr. Miyagi menu here.


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