Number 1 Yoga & Pilate move to start your day feeling fresh and relaxed – Jane Vasey (YOGA) and Ali Garcia (Pilates) 

(Ali Garcia)

Wake up move: Abduction (side splits), a easy yet beautiful move to open all the joints of the body, increase blood flow, stabilize neutral spine and the sliding motion of the reformer bed makes it easy to find a invigorating breath pattern, total wake up! Ps try moving into squats from here to really wake up those gluts…

(Jane Vasey)

Pranayama breathing exercise –

Starting the day through concentrating on your breath helps relax and refresh the body and mind. Yogic breathing stimulates the flow of energy and life force (prana) through . Breathing is a vital part of our lives, yet mostly we are unaware of its function. Turning your awareness to the breath focuses your attention inward and calms the nervous system, preparing you for a calm and steady day ahead.

Take a comfortable seated position either on the floor or seated upright on a chair. Pay attention to your posture – lengthen the spine and roll your shoulders back and down. Let your body be energized but relaxed. Set your phone alarm for 3 minute period (make sure you select a gentle ring tone!), and settle in.

Begin to consciously increase the length of the inhale and exhale, extending the breath in and out of your lungs slowly and deeply. Feel as though you are drawing the breath into the back sides and bottom of the lungs. Continue for the duration of time you have allocated.

Deep yogic breathing stimulates the autoimmune system and helps to rid toxins and wastes from the body, and supports the purification process. Importantly, it allows your inner dialogue the time and space to settle, helping you to feel more balanced and grounded before the activities of your day. Enjoy!

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