So we’re two weeks into our X Bad Backs Posture Challenge and we are definitely starting to notice some differences (hooray!).

We’ve become accustomed to our posture braces, chairs and apparatus – so much so that they have become part of our every day life. Our posture is better than it’s ever been – we are walking taller, sitting straighter and some of us are even looking slimmer as a result.

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Katherine – Stylehunter HQ, The Swopper Classic 

The Swopper Classic Posture Challenge

I’m definitely feeling stronger in my core muscles, and I’m noticing that I’m sitting correctly when I’m not using the Swopper.  My lower back feels stronger, and I feel like I’m getting a workout while I’m sitting down.

I have to fend off the other girls in the office  – they all want to have a turn on my Swopper. Delivery guy looks at me funny – I bet he’s thinking ‘I want one of those’ (the chair, of course!).

Donna – Perth Insider, Bad Backs Essential Posture Brace

Bad Backs Essential Posture Brace - Posture Challenge

This week I sadly learnt that my Posture Brace and a silk top do not go well together. But not to worry, the money I saved not visiting my physio this week went toward buying a new one. I still don’t wear my brace more than an hour a day at my desk, but I find that this amount is still enough to make a noticeable difference. Wearing the brace has really opened up my chest and I don’t seem to get as many head aches any more.
The best part for me however, is that wearing the brace in the office has made me more conscious of other small exercises I can do whilst sitting at my desk and taking my focus away from the computer. All these efforts together have improved my mobility and energy and I don’t even have to leave my chair. Some might call this lazy…. I call it efficient.
Sitting straight and walking tall!

Kirby – Stylehunter HQ, Back Tone 4000 Posture Trainer

Back Toner 4000

I’ve disturbed the office with my beeping less and less this week, which means my muscles are starting to remember to use themselves and stop slouching! I’ve also experienced less back pain from sitting all day, which I am sure is a result of no longer sitting like the Hunchback of Notre Dame!

Amanda – Stylehunter HQ, Back Tone 4000 Posture Trainer

I’m definitely not the only one who’s happy about the improvement in my posture. I hardly every beep any more! This is so exciting as my posture is slowly starting to correct itself. Over the weekend I noticed myself correcting my posture without the brace, which is a huge deal for me!

Rhiannon – Sydney Insider, HUG Back Pain Belt

HUG Back Pain Relief Belt - Posture Challenge

I’ve been going hard at the gym this week and, as always, have managed to slightly overdo it with my back. After a killer leg session this morning I was in a bit of pain at my desk and found instant relief from the Hug. It’s a lifesaver today, I was at the point where sitting at my desk for any longer was looking impossible!

Jane – Stylehunter HQ, LUMOBack Posture Trainer and Sensor 

LUMOBack Posture Sensor and Trainer

I’m really paying attention to what the LUMOBack is telling me – and it’s making a difference to my natural behaviour too. I have my very own LUMO Avatar which gives me real-time corrections to perfect my posture, and encouragement to move more. My LUMOBack journal is telling me that I’ve made some real improvements in my activity level this week, and that I’m slouching less. One of the surprising results that my journal has shown is how many hours a day I spend sitting. So I’m making a real effort to get up and move around regularly, and have a bit of a stretch away from my desk every hour or so.

Make sure you keep following our war on bad posture!

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