So we are one week into the X Bad Backs Posture Challenge and already we are sitting straighter, standing taller and slouching less!

Not only have our posture products helped to reduce aches and pains associated with sitting at a desk (and being fabulous) all day, but they have helped to strengthen core muscles and make us appear taller and slimmer (double score!).

Here are the changes we have noticed so far:

Katherine – Stylehunter HQ, The Swopper Classic 

The Swopper Classic Posture Challenge

The start of the Posture Challenge and I received the Swopper – a strange but stylish looking stool with a blue suede seat. I couldn’t wait to see what this was going to do for me so I quickly replaced my boring office chair and take a seat.

Instantly, I found the Swopper comfortable and that I sat up straight.

At the end of the first day, I had a sore butt – then I read the instructions and found that you need to ease yourself into it with small bursts of usage.  But I’m noticing that I’m also using my abdominal muscles more throughout the day.

Donna – Perth Insider, Bad Backs Essential Posture Brace

Bad Backs Essential Posture Brace - Posture Challenge
After an initial two days of “Get this thing off me!” I gradually got into the habit of putting on the Posture Brace for an hour a day at my desk and it didn’t take much for me to start feeling the difference. I am already aware of my hunched posture when I`m not wearing the brace and have the muscle memory to correct it.

It’s subtle enough to wear under your clothes, however it doesn’t phase me to wear it on the outside… although it has been a slight talking point in the office. So if you don’t like to the be the centre of attention, go for the more understated option.

Feeling stronger, walking taller!

Kirby – Stylehunter HQ, Back Tone 4000 Posture Trainer
Back Toner 4000

After overcoming the loud beep that sounded every time I slouched (which, at the beginning was a lot) my posture started to instantly correct itself. There were definitely a few weird glances at the office, however each day the beeping becomes less and less, and my posture is definitely improving!

Amanda – Stylehunter HQ, Back Tone 4000 Posture Trainer

The loud beeps that sound whenever I slouch are hilarious – there couldn’t be a more effective way for someone to realise they are slouching when they aren’t meant to. My posture has improved without a doubt – if only for the purpose of avoiding funny glances at the office! I find myself correcting my posture before the beep sounds, which is quite incredible. My posture is even better when I’m standing too, which I didn’t expect.

Rhiannon – Sydney Insider, HUG Back Pain Belt

HUG Back Pain Relief Belt - Posture Challenge

I’m constantly looking for something to give me relief when my back becomes tired, and last night I actually found myself instantly thinking how good it would be to have my ‘hug’ product around at the event I was at!

Jane – Stylehunter HQ, LUMOBack Posture Trainer and Sensor 

LUMOBack Posture Sensor and Trainer

The LUMOBack is hi tech – and I love gadgets. So this week I’m trialling the wearable technology to see how I can improve my posture. It didn’t take me too long to install the App, customise my settings and browse through all the different functions – and there are heaps! It’s like I’ve got my very own Big Brother walking around with me– in a non-creepy way and without the cameras.

The LUMOBack has a sensor that vibrates when I’m slouching (this could get annoying!) and tracks all of my activity in a journal and gives me real-time advice on how to improve my posture. It tells me how much of my day I spend sitting (too much!) and works like a pedometer to track my exercise. Already I’m noticing that I’ve made a conscious effort to move more and stand straight. I’m definitely feeling taller.

Make sure you keep following our war on bad posture!

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