There is major hype happening at the moment and it’s related to fashion but not as you would think. This hype is all about Apple’s Australian launch of the Apple I-Watch. Throughout the lead up, it’s lead me to think about technology and its relationship with fashion.


The meshing of fashion with technology is not that new. Google tried, and in my opinion fashionably failed with it a couple of years ago, when they launched their Google Glass, Nike (Fuelband) and FitBit (Charge HR) are having a good go but fashion-wise they are a bit meh!



Images – Google Glasses


Image – Fitbit Charge HR

For the Apple I-Watch however, it appears that they have put lot of focus on marketing the look and design of the product as a fashion accessory. It’s kind of clever since it wasn’t that long ago (circa 2007) that Apple played its part in cementing the ‘no longer need’ for what was a classic mens accessory – the Watch by providing an alternative in the I-Phone 3 for keeping the time. So it’s fitting that Apple be the first company to bring the watch back in style as an accessory.

What’s even more clever is how the company is marketing the I-Watch. Firstly by ensuring that there are options for design and budget and secondly by specifically targeting the fashion conscious men with its super sleek luxe gold edition Apple Watch. Finally, I believe Apple will still target a different type of fashion dude with a lower budget sporty version of the I-Watch that can still appear as a stylish accessory.


Apple is set to launch the I-Watch in Australia on April 24 2015 and in anticipation of its release I am excited to see what styles and designs they bring out. I am especially excited to see what impact, if any, the I-Watch and any future smart technology has on fashion in the near future.


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