Top 3 Pilates moves for stress relief – Gaynor Carter (Senior Pilates Instructor & Kaya Program Director)

Roll down into push up – an exercise to mobilize the spine and stretch the whole back on the body whilst gaining strength and stability – feel the lengthening of your body and strengthen the core and upper body, your mind and body will focus on the feeling of length and opening!

Womans Day - Roll Down into push up 1

Womans Day - Roll Down into Push up 2

Womans Day - Roll down into push up 3

Womans Day - Roll Down into push up 4

Womans Day - Roll Down into push up 5

Side Bend – a beautiful exercise that strengthens the body whilst stretching the waist line and lengthening the side of the whole body, from foot to tips of fingers – add a twist to it to gain a wonderful rotation through the spine.

Swan dive – a challenging exercise to open the front of the body whilst switching on the back of the body – the extension of the spine and hips feels glorious as you rock forward and backwards with a deep and rhythmical breath.

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