Yoga fact of the week – Jane Vasey (Kaya Senior Yoga Teacher)

Did you know that in Sanskrit, the language of yogic terminology, a female practitioner is referred to as yogini, and a male practitioner as yogi.

The Guinness World Records currently lists 85-year-old Bette Calman from Melbourne, Australia as the world’s oldest yoga teacher!

Did you know that practicing yoga regularly will support and improve your immune system? And with the internal heat that is self-generated through the practice, the added benefit is that practicing yoga even for 15 minutes will rapidly increase blood flow and warm you up! There has never been a better time to stay inside, put on some cozy leggings, and start saluting the (fading!)

Pilates fact of the week– Gaynor Carter (Senior Pilates Instructor & Kaya Program Director)

Move your body in harmony with your breath – this will aid you in your Pilates to achieve movements and exercises without tension and in turn your mind and body will benefit every day”


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