The wonderful Grace Dent, whom I’d more readily associate with Pork Buns than Man Buns – I’m not being rude, she does that foodie column for ES magazine – brought this to my attention.

First it was the scruffy beard with my beloved George Clooney and Ben Affleck. Now, my fellow Stylehunters, I bring you the latest male grooming trend – the Man Bun!

Worn by the likes of Russell Brand, David Beckham and Chris Hemsworth, there’s no question as to why they’ve become so popular.

Russell Brand Man Bun David Beckham Man Bun Men's hairstyles 2014 Chris Hemsworth top knot Russel Brand Top Knot Man Bun

Not to be confused with the top knot, the Man Bun is more masculine and much more messy. Think more Indian Sikh rather than Kardashian at the gym. Tied high or low on the head, loose tendrils and and a laid back attitude generally complete the look.

For an entirely indie approach, pair with a 5 o’clock shadow and even a button down shirt and you’re good to go. You may have a little more trouble convincing your man of this trend – at first. An easier alternative for the man on the go is to keep the sides of the hair short and the top of the hair long. This way the long part of the hair can be tied back when in a rush or at work, or it can be styled up into a coif for dressier outings.

You heard it here first. This boho hair trend will soon be seen on a man near you, if it hasn’t popped up already.

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