Deciding the right baby name is a difficult decision for most expecting parents. Classic names are coming back into style. Modern names are being invented. It seems anything goes for today’s babies. But there are a few principles to consider if you are looking for a stylish baby name. Today’s stylish baby name satisfies all these criteria. High celebrity status, with Princess Mary’s youngest son named Prince Vincent. It has maintained reasonable popularity for over a century. We also give bonus points for the hat tip to our favourite artist.

Vincent Stylish Nam

The more I reflect on the name Vincent, the more I like it. It feels stylish in the same way that a fine cashmere sweater feels comfortable, warm & classic.  Back in the 1920s, Vincent crept up to the top 50 names, but otherwise it has maintained a respectable position in the top 150 names.

The absolute clincher for me on Vincent was when Princess Mary named her second son Prince Vincent. His Royal Highness Prince Vincent of Denmark, is a dapper young chap. For other inspiration from the Danish royal family, consider Vincent’s siblings names Christian, Isabella or Josephine. All wonderful classic baby names!


The name Vincent means to conquering or prevailing. A strong choice for your young Prince Vince.

In our styling names ranking, we gave Vincent two bonus point credits. First, the most famous Vincent Van Gough. Second, who doesn’t love Vincent Chase from more recent popular culture!

So, if you are pregnant at the moment and pondering the perfect name for your young man. Consider Vincent. We rate it an excellent name choice for anyone looking for classic regal style.

What do you think? Is Vincent in your top 10 stylish names list?

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