Are the days of the skinny leg pant over ? It has been a trusted style for years now, however the recent revival of the wide leg pant questions the future of skinny leg pants. Confidently sashaying around the city, women are embracing the wide legged trouser  in a myriad of colours, prints and flowing fabrics. This trend is inspired by late 1930’s fashion, a direct result from the World War II; a time when gender roles became more fluid, women started to wear wide leg trousers, opting for comfy, practical pants. In 1939, Vogue published one of its models in wide leg trousers, which sparked a global  fashion trend and cemented the status of the wide leg pant;  a wardrobe staple and political statement for women everywhere. Wide leg pants epitomised the 'modern woman'. Nicole Warne wide leg pants Sass and Bide wide leg pants Sass and Bide The Wind Blows Wide Leg Pant $350, Sass and Bide In The House Wide Leg Pant $390.00 It’s been a gap in time since then but finally the wide legged pant has made a massive revival with new contemporary designs. My favourite aspect of the wide legged pant is that they are seriously comfortable, elegant and when matched with the right accessories/apparel look fabulous and can be worn in almost any environment. street style wide leg pants 2013-12-09_08-18-57 The wide leg pant is best teamed with a delicate camisole top (spaghetti straps ideal) and high heels to accentuate  an elongated silouhette. Don’t be afraid to match with a long blazer and definitely don’t be afraid to invest in a bright colour or pattern. Think vibrant saturated tones, including bright red, hot pink and canary yellow. When it comes to prints think houndstooth, polka dots, checks and stripes. Ideal for summer and winter, dressed up or down,  the wide leg pant is a versatile purchase for all seasons. Move over skinny leg pants, the wide leg pant is here to stay Libby Hutton Melbourne Insider Read more articles by Libby Hutton
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