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There’s something unique about the way we choose what to wear on an everyday basis. Parties and events have their own process, usually with a decent amount of thought and preparation. However for most men it seems our approach to the everyday is a somewhat different ball game altogether.

Elaborate street style

First off if you’re not constrained to a uniform or the expectation of a formal suit, the possibilities are numerous. We tend to dress with the knowledge that our choices will be noticed on the street more than anywhere else if not where we work or study. So when we get to our wardrobe and start the decision process it becomes one more of impressing strangers than people we know.

Winter street style

It does sound a bit strange to think that we dress for people we don’t even know. Still, street style is all about presenting an image to the world to show them who you are or how you want to be perceived. You might wear brightly coloured shorts and shirts to convey that you are a vibrant and exciting person, or a grey suit to show a more sophisticated and serious side of yourself.

It can even be a case of knowing that within your job or daily life you are going to meet people you will want to impress, be it clients or important colleagues etc. Our everyday wear is something we can easily control in order to influence the image we communicate to significant people.

Beanie street styleMen's street style

In saying that, street style can also be an opportunity to expose your style to the wider world. It can be a fun task to decide what you will wear when going into the city for a day, knowing that others will be noticing you and perhaps appreciating you.

This fact alone is a good reason why many people take the effort to look stylish. Whether you’re meeting friends or hoping to make new ones nothing says as much about you in one look as the statement you make with your clothes. The reality is we all make a statement, concious or not, with our fashion.

Therefore why not embrace it? It doesn’t mean spending an hour carefully choosing a clever outfit or even more time than you spend now. It all comes down to appreciating the fact that we do have some control over how we are perceived and we would be unwise not to exploit that!

Street Style Milan Fashion Week

So the next morning you think of throwing on whatever you can find, think again! Street style is what defines us to the world so take advantage of it as much as you can.

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