Hot weather can be hard on your wardrobe, but it’s never an excuse to lose your dapper edge. With preparation and a few wardrobe essentials you can preserve your summer style. Here are a few tips on the things you’ll need to keep your look untouched by the blistering heat and unexpected social engagements.



It’s important to keep your cologne handy in the warmer months, especially when unknown social outings keep you away from the bathroom longer than expected. Source a few pocket sized vials of your favourite scents and slip them into a jacket pocket for when the lunch turns into dinner.

A Cigar Cutter

It’s not uncommon for a man of style to enjoy a toke or two of a fine Cuban as the day draws to an end. But so often does the impromptu cigar plan fall to pieces when the cigar cutter is left at home. Keep one handy, or leave it in the glovebox – chances are you’ll need it.



Cufflinks are subtly powerful elements of an outfit. Hidden by the fold of a sleeve, they’ll be revealed by your movement to make their own statement. In summer don’t be afraid to choose a set that reflect your lifestyle, such as a crystal rose or a golf ball. Or follow Alexander McQueen’s new range of stylish skulls to let your ruggedness shine through. But if you simply can’t source a pair for an impromptu outing, then roll your sleeves up and show some skin. Just be sure to adorn your wrists with a solid timepiece, leather cuff or bracelet.



Australia is the country of blue skies and sun-kissed ocean waves breaking on white sanded beaches. Tranquil, serene and hard on the eyes. Don’t let the glare ruin your style and etch lines into your brow – keep a stylish pair of shades handy. Not only will they complement an outfit, they’ll protect your eyes and leave you looking even more at ease in the afternoon sun. Check out the latest collection by Armani for some on-trend inspiration.


Pocket Squares

The pocket square is a staple of a discerning gent’s outfit. Whether worn as a subtle fold, or sported big and boldly, a square won’t go unnoticed. Match the colour to the theme of your outfit, but don’t match too closely. Instead, be guided from similar colours or patters in your outfit. For the latest in handmade luxurious quality, check out the squares on offer by Sebastian Cruz Couture – use code SIMONPAUL007 at checkout.


Money Clips

When minimalism is your style of choice on a warm afternoon, you don’t want a thick leather wallet bulging from a lightweight linen pocket. Instead, use a money clip or slimline card wallet and carry only the essentials. Slip it in an inside jacket pocket and you’ll keep the stylish cut of your chinos intact.



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