Ever since the 90’s opened up their heavenly doors and exposed a new style trend labelled  homeless chic—as some may call it; ‘bohemian chic.’ A large majority have embraced the style of high designer clothing mixed with unnamed brands and street wear.

Throughout the 90’s it was all the rage; with icons such as Kate Moss and Johnny deep—amongst others, whom embraced oversized clothing with sloppily-assembled layers of high fashion pieces.

Many respected designers have drawn inspiration from the homeless and derelict kids of the street. “It’s terrible to say, very often the most exciting outfits are from the poorest people,” Christian Lacoix once told Vogue.

Some may think that mastering this style is as simple as throwing on a flannelette shirt and some ripped jeans—wrong!


Here are my 5 tips on channeling your inner bohemian god.

Tip number one: You must correctly layer your clothing; mixing all things baggy—from, flannel shirts with a designer polo underneath; or a simple t-shirt. Thus, creating a look of casual yet chic—op shops have a large variety of button up shirts and flannelette’s. When dressing yourself, try and stick to dark; earthy colours—brown and grey never hurt anyone.

Tip number two: Search through your grandfathers’ closet—cardigans are very important when mastering this look. If you’re feeling extra fancy and have the money, head over to your closest Lacoste store—they have a wide range of light weight, soft cardigans; which will amplify your look and add that extra grime to your outfit.

Tip number three: When piecing your outfit together, jeans are rather important—simple black skinny jeans will suffice. Personally, I’d rather wear jeans which are straight cut and baggy to execute this style—roll those bad boys up at the bottom and you’re ready to go. When choosing a pair of jeans, make sure that they are simple, bland or either skin tight or just a smidge to big.

Tip number four: To add some extra SWAG to your attire; I suggest wearing some dope sneakers. A pair of black Nike Air Max’s will give you that effortless look. If you want a classic, chill vibe—Converse sneakers will do the trick. A pair of black high top chucks is classic and cool all year round.


Tip number five: I cannot stress how important attitude is—no matter what you’re wearing; calm, collected and chill is the vibe you want to project.

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