Mens Beachwear

Mens Beachwear

Surfer Dude: The board short

Super popular at the beach with surfers and the younger male, board shorts can be worn by anyone. They are a beach classic and have become a popular form of general beach wear and all-purpose summer wear.

This season boardshorts have moved away from the typical super baggy styles from the past and have moved toward a slimmer cut to accentuate the leg and beefier body. Boardshorts are designed to be quick drying and are generally made from polyester and nylon.

Comfortable and light, they hold up strong with wear and tear and most importantly are a strong swimming staple. Martial art fighters have even developed a uniform taken from the board short style. Once you are done with the beach and pool simply slip on a t-shirt and you’re set for the after party.

Mens boardshorts

Sporty retro style short

You can find these swim shorts anywhere. They are comfortable and lined inside and multicoloured to show off your creativity. Usually they fall above the knee and sit comfortably around the mid-thigh. They dry quickly like their boardshort cousins and are multipurpose so you can wear them to the gym, beach and bar.

One other option of the sporty style short is the footy short. Support your local football team – these shorts represent masculinity and strength.

Mens Beachwear

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Brazilian Trunk style beachwear

Thanks to James Bond’s David Craig for making these popular in the Western World. These trunks are the staple of the South Americans, where the style and cut originated from the beaches of Rio de Janerio. They are a little more flattering than the American/European Olympic-style cut, with a lower waistband and lower rise on the upper leg.

Cut in a straight line under the buttocks they also offer more coverage than the traditional speedo style. It’s party time in Brazil this summer and these are the hottest choice for this season.

Mens Beachwear

I spoke to Fabiano DeMoraes, President and Designer at TFabiano Swimwear Brazil.

What is it that makes the wearer/man look good at the beach/pool.. is it the body shape, the confidence, the style n cut or the all-around excellence?

I always say that all men have to feel comfortable, from that confidence comes naturally. I always produce the classic sporty suits, but not only that, I also offer styles that can be a little more daring, shown through the prints I use. The man in a TFabiano suit will certainly feel comfortable as the cut is made to fit the male anatomy. Most of all he will certainly feel like standing out of the crowd as he is wearing a sophisticated handmade garment.

Olympic style: American Speedo

Everyone knows this style of beachwear. Even the Australian Prime Minister wears a pair pulled up high over his ears. This style is worn by young and old, and Olympic champions like Michael Phelps which proves why they are so popular.

This speedo cut is form fitting, have a V shaped front, and fully covered back. Held in place with a stretch waistband around the upper thigh and of course the string that is tucked inside or left out. They’re made from stretch materials like nylon, spandex and lycra. The good ones should feel comfortable and resistant and dry quickly.

Mens Beachwear

A couple of Do’s and Don’ts when choosing:

  1. Don’t wear pure white to the beach in a speedo cut. The water will show the world what you have underneath.
  2. If you have a bit of weight around the belly and thighs aim for a board short or the sporty short style. They are just as comfortable in the water and you have a little more coverage.
  3. If you like bright colours in the short/boardshort style then you will stand out by the pool and the beach and that’s great. Each to their own of course and whatever you feel great and comfortable wearing I say go for it!

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