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They’re manly and they love fashion. We sat down with the latest addition to the Mancave, Dean Hall, to discuss his love of style and expansive CV!

Based out of sunny San Diego, California Dean loves how fashion tells a story without words. He is ALL about a good shoe and if that means flying to get it so be it! Dean surmises, “shoes are the foundation of fashion so if your foundation isn’t up to par the entire look will fail.” Talk about dedication to the cause!

Dean swears by his favorite quote: “Fashion is a lifestyle not a label”. It’s about where you eat, travel, shop, and most of all it’s about how you make it YOU! This man breathes style like air, absorbed into his persona and career.

Starting out humbly, Hall began his foray into styling by simply starting a blog, styling people he knew. From there, his career grew to what it is today: styling for magazines such as GQ, Maxim, Esquire, Bay Fashion, Riviera Magazine, Ranch and Coast, and Fashion 5.0 (where he served as Creative Director).

Dean has worked on  TV shows Basketball Wives, Making Mr. Right, Real Housewives of Orange County and scored his own bi-weekly fashion segments on Fox 5 News!

His clients range from “Basketball Wives” alum Royce Reed and “Making Mr. Right” Brittany Skipper to Alexis Bellino from “Real Housewives of Orange County” and now Von Decarlo from upcoming show “According to Him+Her” on Centric TV. To top it off, he dedicates his skills to some fantastic philanthropic ventures for the Ronald McDonald House, and partnering up with mega shoe brand Jimmy Choo.

Earlier this year he launched his next incredible site called Style and Men, where he goes into what makes him swoon and keeping his followers up-to-date on his styling journey.

Describe your personal style? Who inspires your look?

My personal style can be summed up in two words, luxury hipster. I’m all about pairing brands like The Narrows, Native Youth, Your Neighbors, and Topman with Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler, and Gucci. Pharrell Williams, Nick Wooster, and Lapo Elkann are the guys who really give me inspiration, as they do fashion their way!

If you were an item of clothing, what would you be? (Why?)

If I were an item of clothing it would definitely be shoes. I feel like shoes are what a foundation is to a house, the most important part.

What has been your biggest fashion fail?

Ha! Wearing the drop crotch pants. Those pants only work if you are a model.

Can men really only do one thing at a time?

Men are very capable of multi-tasking I do it everyday!

What are three items every guy needs in his wardrobe?

Black blazer (tailored), a pair of wingtip shoes, and a gold watch.

Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba or Taylor Swift? (Why?)

Angelina Jolie. Angelina moves and speaks with such grace and that trumps everything.

How do you shop and who does most of your shopping?

When it comes to shopping I’m very old school and prefer going to the actual stores when possible. Since I’m a fashion stylist I do my own shopping because I’m soooooooo particular.

Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum or Robert Pattinson? (Why?)

Ryan Gosling because he’s tremendously talented, effortlessly stylish, and faintly aloof.

What is the best online store for men that you’ve come across? (Why?)

Best online store would be Mr. Porter. Not only do they have great pieces but their sale section is awesome too.

What is one trend we will never see you follow?

The trend of guys wearing leggings aka meggings. You’ll never see a pair in my closet EVER!

Finish the sentence:

I live by the motto…Be the change you want to see.

I couldn’t live without…My MAC Book Pro

No look is complete without…A great pair of shoes.

The only thing I love more than fashion is…Food!

My favorite brand/label is….Urban Outfitters

Girls look the best when…She is being a lady. Class trumps everything.

Guys look the best when…He is being a gentleman. Chivalrous behavior is dying out.

If you could wear whatever you wanted for an entire day, without being questioned, it would it be?

Dennis Basso black and white hooded chinchilla fur coat. Sorry PETA but I love a good fur moment.

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