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Tiffany’s has long been at the forefront of jewellery, but has not always been the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of men’s fashion. But the iconic brand has just released it’s own line of men’s watches.

The watches are a testament to the pedigree and history of Tiffany, and are truly beautiful.

Being a high-end fashion piece, no corners were cut; with gold dusted numerals to perfectly synchronised and lasting mechanics. From the tiniest details in the operations to the presentation, they are a strong product in the men’s watches category.

watch bClean and elegant. The gold numerals are a nice touch.

This 18K rose gold watch shows the intricate internal details.

internal watch

A little more expensive than your regular street fashion, they range in price from $5000 up to $21400, but if you’re willing to pay, it is a bold statement certain to catch the eye. With the history of the Tiffany company, these watches are sure to last and stay in style. To find out more, check them out here.


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