If you were to ask men about what accessories they had a few years ago you would probably have been laughed at. To men, accessories meant women’s jewellery, hand bags and shoes. However most men of style today know that a look is generally not complete without accessories. When we talk about accessories we could be referring to a simple item such as a hat, scarf or a pair of cufflinks.

To help you to understand how to accessorize your look, I have provided my top 5 accessories on trend for 2015.

5) Fannypack /bumbag – Surprised much? I bet you thought the fanny pack died a tragic death in the 90s along with the fluoro lycra shorts. Well you are wrong! So on trend at the moment, celebrities such as fashion risk taker Jarod Leto has given the fanny pack new life and the rest of the world is following. I give it 2 months before Australian fanny packs hits stores.


4) Brown Belt  – yes the brown belt makes my list at #4 as a must have in accessories. Pants, particularly jeans and suit pans should never be worn without this staple accessory. With blue still being the on trend colour for suits, they should be accessorized with a brown belt which should always be matched with a brown pair of shoes. And remember, never wear a brown belt with black shoes or vice versa!


brown belt

3) Bow Ties – formerly reserved for tuxedos, the bow tie became a trendy must piece when the ‘geeky chic’ style was on trend. It is now an alternative to the neck tie for that sharp and dapper look especially now that bespoke tailoring has increased in popularity.


2) Hats – the styles will continue to change in line with seasons and trends, but hats as an accessory will never go out of fashion. From beanies in winter to fedora’s and borsalino hats in spring and summer. On trend right now are modernized versions of the puritan and bolar hats thanks to trend setter celebrities such as Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars and Johnny Depp.

Bruno Mars Hat

J Depp vs Pharrell

1) Spectacles – like the bow tie, spectacles and glasses have become popular and a trendy accessory as a result “geeky chic”. Shapes, thickness, colours and sizes continuously change. No prescription required, all good quality glasses should have sufficient UV protection.


As you can see, some of my top 5 accessories are trends and some are classics that will continue in 2015 and years to come.

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