Taller.com.au, is a Melbourne-based men’s footwear company and the brainchild of Jennen Ngiau-Keng. As the name would suggest the company helps men add inches where it counts – their height. Taller.com.au’s premium range of “elevator shoes” for men can help a modest 5’7” male add 2.4 – 4 inches to their height.

From its launch in 2007 from Ngiau-Keng’s mothers rumpus room, this grass roots company is now turning over more than $1million dollars and has a strong local and international following, including celebrities like George Clooney. Taller produces formal shoes, casual shoes, boots and sneakers, they are Australian designed and hand-made through and overseas manufacturer, which are then sold through their Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Retail outlets and their online store.

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald (This is what Mr Average Australia looks like – Sarah Berry – Oct 2014) the average height for the Australian Male is 175.6cm or 5’9”.   Now I have a friend, and no it is not I referring to myself as a “friend” in the third person. So my friend falls short of the national average, its no biggie, he has a giant personality – but that is enough of the puns.

The Taller team let us pick out a style from their website to test. The online store experience was fantastic. It was simple, easy and efficient. The website is informative, the picture quality is great and the choice of styles is ridiculously good. We decided on the Mr.Gershwins, a leather dress shoe which would give 7cms in height.


When the shoes arrived we were expecting a moment like when the burger you order for dinner looks nothing like the picture you saw when you ordered – we were pleasantly surprised – not only did they look like they did on the website, they also did not like someone had created a fraken-flatform for men. In fact, from the outside you cant tell the difference. The secret is however inside the shoe, their quality polyurethane insoles provide the desired lift and do not compress over time – Taller is so sure of its product that it offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

So now that we had inspected the look of the shoes my friend put them on, first mention was how comfortable they are, then when he stood up and we were pretty much eye-to-eye, to be honest it freaked me out a little, but for him there was the biggest grin on his face. We decided to take a look at the testimonials on the Taller website to see what everyone else had to say about the shoes. Simon from Adelaide talked about the change in his posture and the confidence he had which helped him in his promotions line of worked. He said people respected the confidence he had which made his interactions much more positive. What we also noted was the customer base was not just men under 5’9”. It was so varied – people who were 5’11” just wanting that little extra, grooms wanting to be able to be taller than there beautiful bride in heels. In fact there were many testimonials from women who had bought their male counterpart the shoes and spoke about the experience.


So how did my friend go wearing them to work the next day?

Well he was quick to tell me that even though he thought it would feel like he was wearing high heels, that the shoes did not affect his walking or coordination. The biggest positive was his posture was better standing. His shoulders were back, his head was high and he forgot he was wearing the shoes (after worrying for a good couple of hours the night before about how weird it would feel).

Overall it was a positive experience. Comfort, confidence and quality – all things promised by Taller and spoken about in the myriad of reviews left by satisfied customers. The shoes are made to last and the experiences people have are invaluable.

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Taller has found a fantastic niche market and looks as though it is set to continue to grow!

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