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Slippers with Socks – How to look stylish and chic with a dazzle of comfort.

I have noticed lately that when I put on a pair of sliders and a nice pair of socks; I can’t help but get the eye—you know the eye, of; ‘I can’t believe he’s wearing that in public,’ look.

As a self proclaimed man who wears slippers and socks; I’m here to give you the low-down on how to stay stylish and comfortable.

There are many brands that endorse slippers, one being Nike—and the other being Adidas. These are the two most common brands that sell sliders of quality and of large quantity.

For me personally, I wear the Adidas sliders; the original black—The Adidas Adilette. These black beauties have been on the market since 1972, making them the first of their kind to exist.

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If you take a quick geez on Footlockers website, you will find a large assortment of slippers; various colours and different styles to match your individual look. Take a look for yourself here.

Personally, I’m a large fan of Nike; but their slippers don’t live up to the casual and comfortable style of Adidas.

When wearing slippers, you must be careful not to look like no effort has been made. I’m here to lend a hand, and guide you towards the stylish path of slippers and socks.

The first rule and most important tip I will suggest is—Amazing Socks! It’s very important to have nice clean socks. If you feel adventures; mix and match your socks—different colours, patterns, images. The list could go on forever.

Second rule of thumb is; never wear skinny Jeans with slippers. This will cause a dis-proportioned effect; your feet will look wide and flat while the rest of your legs look slim (not an attractive look).

Third and final rule—is never wear slippers out to dinner, birthdays or any other formal occasions. Slippers and socks can be stylish but only for your everyday wear.


Photo by Jacopo Benassi

My final piece of advice to the daring males of this world—simply, pull on some basic Jack London slacks; roll them up at the bottom. Put on a nice pair of long grey socks—or some pastel coloured ones, if you feel adventures. A nice Fred Perry polo and simply slide your slippers on.

This simple; clean-cut look with a dribble of edge will show case your style and also present a more laid back aura-making this one of the simplest yet chic ways of standing out.

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