For years the world of celebrities has been producing style icons. Think James Dean with his classic T, denim trousers and leather jacket, or looking back at the 60s, 70s and 80s where the likes of the Beatles with their iconic hair-do’s and tweed suits, Bowie and Jagger’s eccentric yet fashion forward sense, or Humphrey Bogarts mysterious yet suave style in the 40s, and you can conclude that these guys in some way have all contributed to fashion society as style icons.

Roll ahead a few decades and we find ourselves in 2015 where one looks at celebrities to determine who our style icons are of today. Call them trend setters, style icons, or fashion forward thinking gents – here are a few that come to my mind.

Jared Leto

Although Jared Leto has been on the celebrity scene for many years, its most recently that he has been credited with so many fashion forward thinking trends. He oozes independence of style. The guy every other guy wants to be, and every girls wants to be with. When you think of the Man Bun, you think Jared Leto. He almost broke the internet when he cut off those locks. Jared has no qualms about stepping out in something out of the ordinary, eyeliner and all. A true Bowie-like eccentric fashion forward thinker.

Jared Leto 1

Kanye West

Another great trend setter, Mr Yeezus himself. Kanye has been attributed to Kim Kardashians updated style, has made breaks into the fashion industry himself through his own clothing line – Adidas Originals Collection. He’s a frequent attendee at all the major Fashion Shows and basically doesn’t give a sh#^ what anyone else thinks. That’s true style right there. Kanye’s lux street style will turn every head on any red carpet.

kanye-west 2

Johnny Depp

When I think of Johnny Depp, I think Mr Cool. These days he has an interesting boho style about him that keeps him looking young and fresh. Who would think this man was 52? Johnny Depp’s style has changed throughout the decades – perhaps even throughout his relationships, but no matter what he always keeps it cool.

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This guy is arguably the king of true hip hop street style. His street style is mixed with a distinct utilitarianism that come from collaborations with designers such as celebrity street style designer label Ashton Michaels. Will.I.AM will often balance his look with layering and loves to mix hard and soft fabrics, and sophisticated monotones that will always stand out in a crowd. It doesn’t hurt that he writes, produces and sings great songs as well.

Will.I.Am 1

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