Presentation is key. Ask any salesman and they’ll tell you the importance of it and the influence it can have. Because as humans we see, evaluate, make assumptions and judgements in mere seconds. It’s in our nature no matter how open minded we claim to be.

Just this week I was fortunate enough to attend a speech by Jim Penman of Jim’s Mowing, who admitted he had a blind eye for fashion when he started his business. But even in the trade industry, he learnt how important it was to appear clean and presentable as to earn people’s trust and gain further business with them. So presentation and appearance are vital in society.

That’s where fashion comes in; fashion is used to present the best version of ourselves or beautify our strongest traits. Fashion can be used to make a bold statement, appear ahead of the curve, or express your uniqueness.


When it comes to presentation, try not to choose things that are too loud and draw the attention away from you and your personality and more to the particular garment. Instead, choose things that compliment your features, colours that suit your complexion or help your eyes stand out.

To do this, it is best to put some homework into what colour-ways are out there and what goes well with your attributes. Match rather than mix, to appear symmetrical and easy on the eye and as a one complete package. Also, importantly, keep up to date with the current styles and fashions, this is best done by finding some good sources such as and staying informed. Then use these latest styles and mould them to your own personality and put your own special flare on it to stand out.

Lastly, wear what makes you feel confident. Usually dressing nicely will ignite your self confidence, but if you feel more confident in something you’ve worn before, wear it. Because your confidence will always shine through more than any piece of clothing. So gentlemen, put some thought into the fashion you currently use and what it is you are presenting to the world. Is it you? Is it how you want people to see you or think of you? Because you never get a second chance at a first impression.

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