They were once secret societies where men secretly gathered for grooming and man-pampering.

Alas! The secrets are out. Now becoming a more mainstream commodity, groomers are popping up all over town. What differentiates these places from barber shops is the added value of pampering or what I like to call “Man’pering”.

Offering services from close-razor shaving, to barber style cuts, mani’s, pedi’s and facials that cater specifically for men. All this while keeping true to their masculine barber shop style identities.


Grooming Salons (otherwise known as) Grooming Centres are continuing to keep men in style and on-trend with skin, hair and body rejuvenation.

One particular place that has made its mark in Melbourne is Manhor. Operating with 2 salons situated in Chapel Street and Collins Street, Manhor has actually been around for a number of years but only recently has it been recognised as a go to place. Largely due to changes in attitudes of men who take more care in their appearances.

Manhor 4

The Chapel street centre has a grungy but sophisticated street feel about it with professional hipsters at the realm. The reception has a bar where you can either order a barista made coffee or a shot of whiskey.

Near reception are lined barber style seats where the latest hair trends are created. Out towards the back is where you can get that beard trimmed or shaved and pedicures are never scoffed at. Upstairs is where you can get a “man-wax”  or a massage.  There is no doubt the CBD centre gives the same vibes and of course service.

Manhor 5

Manhor have stated a commitment and dedication to pampering customers with the most professional, state-of-the-art, personalised contemporary grooming service, specifically designed to make customers look their best. As a customer I have found this statement to be very true.

I have no doubt Manhor have many regular customers that enjoy this personal service, professionalism of staff and feeling fresh, clean and groomed at the end of their experience. After my own two visits I am definitely going to be a regular.

You can see more details of Mahor’s services and where they are located by clicking here.

This place comes highly recommended! Book in today.

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