Aged, classic, edgy, and stylish! No, I’m not referring to a 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, I’m talking leather jackets. Those are just a few words that should be used when discussing this wardrobe staple. A great leather jacket has the uncanny ability to take the most lackluster attire and make if feel fresh. Preppy is now turned luxury hipster and conservative is instantly morphed into effortless coolness.

Each season I look forward to established fashion houses reworking theirs, while new comers send fresh takes down the runway. Thick zipper lined lapels, buckles upon buckles upon buckles, shearling lined, and rich luxe dyes are just a few of trick designers are pulling out this season.


Are you wondering how many leather jackets you need? Who makes great leather jackets? Is it ok to wear faux leather? Which style is best for me? Well don’t worry. Here’s my short guide on establishing a great love affair.

Every guy should own at least 3 least.

The Trendy: A faux one, which should be changed out seasonally to keep current with trends. Faux leather jackets are the perfect way to appear as a style expert with all the fast changing trends of the fashion world. Just keep in mind that every trend isn’t necessarily for everyone.


The Moderate: Something that really speaks to your style, think less trendy and more you.

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The Investment: This piece is going to be your classic, timeless one and more than likely going to require some saving. Think clean lines, minimal hardware, and dark in color, which will age beautifully.


My go to designers are without a doubt Zara, Topman, Scotch & Soda, Theory, Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga.


When it comes to choosing the right jacket follow this simple rule: if you can think of 5 outfits in your closet that would work perfectly with it, then make the purchase! However, if you can’t, then it means that style isn’t for you.


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