Summer’s coming up, so now is the time to get man-scaping for a rugged, flattering, and sophisticated cool. You just need the right tools: start with the VS for Men Lithium Pro Series and a little bit of growth to work with.

Man-scaping goes beyond the face… chest, back, shoulders, and beyond (ahem), you don’t need to look like a wooly mammoth in the bedroom or at the beach. Here’s your how to guide.


Rugged Stubble

The stubble look is not about growing a full beard – it’s just a light hint of well-groomed facial hair. So long as you’ve got facial hair, you can make this look work for you.

To keep the rugged and manly stubble look is going to take a little more than lazy days without shaving.

You’re going to need the right tools to get you started with an even look, and to keep your five o’clock shadow from turning into a full grown beard.

And the faster your beard grows, the quicker you’ll need to keep up with your stubble to maintain a 5 o’clock shadow or more rugged look every morning.

Stubble trimmers are designed to give you everyday stubble control.We recommend the VS for Men Lithium Pro Stubble Trimmer. Includes a contouring flex head for the ultimate in styling control.  RRP $109.95



Sideburn, ‘taches and goatees

Depending on your face shape (or your bravado!), sideburns, beards, and goatees are a great way to change your look. We like the long sideburn (pictured) for this summer.

Or if Anchorman is more your style, you might like to try the Mutton-chop for a retro look. Make sure you’re even on both sides, or you could look a little uneven.

We recommend the VS for Men Lithium iPro Intensive clipper with a range of handy accessories for travel and 8 combe guides to choose your finish.  RRP $129.95

manscaping with VS for Men

Everywhere else 

It’s not rocket science: there’s a few places that hair should just NOT be – ears, nose, back and shoulders.

Tame the beast, and get yourself an all over groomer to keep the pesky hair under control, and the ladies admiring your sunkissed skin (not your fur).

Try the VS for Men Lithium Pro Face and Body Trimmer for an all over body-hair control solution, including a rotary blade for trimming those tight spots like your nose and ears. RRP $89.95


The VS for Men Lithium Pro Series is available at the Shaver Shop, major department stores and electrical stores.