Most men of today should own at least one suit. If you’re a man of distinct style then you know that having one suit in your wardrobe is not enough and you will probably own about four or five suits in different shades of colours, shapes and fabrics. Although buying a suit off the rack is more economical, you should consider having your suits custom-made. If it’s not feasible, then at least get your suit fitted by a good tailor to shape your body perfectly.Wool-Fabrics-Suits

Whether your suit is off the rack or bespoke, the first thing to always think about is the suit fabric. To help you out I have provided you with the most common suit fabrics:


Most suits are made from wool. It is a fabric that has a lot of versatility, comfort and doesn’t really wrinkle. Wool suits last you a long time to wear over and over again. Wool suits can be worn any time of the year as the fabric breaths very well.



Not generally a common fabric used for suiting, flannel is a heavy fabric that doesn’t breathe well therefore keeping the body at a warm temperature all day. This makes it a more suitable option for winter.  As a fabric, flannel suits tend to pill very easily (creating small balls from rubbing) so from a sustainable and economical perspective wouldn’t last long.

Flannel Suit


Cotton suits are a very durable fabric giving longevity, but not a common suit fabric everywhere. It breaths very well making it a suit to wear most months of the year. Cotton is machine washable which will make it easier on your dry cleaning bill.



Very European, linen suits are commonly worn in tropical  and hotter climates. Linen suits are lightweight keeping you cool in heat however this fabric does have a tendency to crease a lot easier which may give an untidy look if not managed properly.

Linen Suit

Knowing the right fabric for your suit will not only save you money in the long run, it will ensure your body stays at the right temperature each and every season of the year.

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