Telling the time is important. Meetings, lockouts, and the end of the breakfast menu are all things that shouldn’t be missed by temporal confusion. But a watch does more than tell the time, and yours aren’t the only eyes that see it. A good watch speaks of your style, your class and most importantly, who you are as a man. So it’s very important that you know what your time piece is saying about you. Here a few tips to make sure that it’s on your side.

Match the Outfit

Watches are not chameleons. If anything they’re the leopards of your wardrobe, so you’ll need to match your watch to your outfit. If you’re sporting a black and white get up, keep a black leather banded watch with a white face. Silver and steel are reasonably neutral and won’t clash with too much, but if the rest of your jewellery is gold your watch should follow suit. If you’ve chosen more earthy tones, don’t be afraid of a wooden or dark leather band. And a watch face need not be busy. Simple can say much, especially if minimalism is your thing.


Pick the Event

This is the most crucial aspect of wearing a watch. If done wrong, it can destroy an outfit and bring your style into question. The key to choosing your watch is its purpose and feel. If it is silver and leather and sleek, it is probably meant for a dinner party. If it’s a technological mesh of rubber, waterproofing and GPS receivers leave it for the mountain trails: it will only make you look a fool at the dinner table. And just because it cost a small fortune doesn’t mean you should wear it everywhere. No one wants to have a special edition Rolex thrust in their faces at a family barbecue.

Care for Your Timepiece

Watches are fragile. Whilst you might wish to embrace that devil may care attitude, surfing with a loosely strapped Omega is a recipe for disaster. And you don’t want to be changing your oil filter with a delicate mix of silver and crystal holding the spanner: a scratched watch face is not a good look, and won’t leave a good feeling if you need to have it repaired. Have a rugged and tough watch for the outdoor and labour-intensive occasions. G-Shocks can be perfect for this, and will last longer than you do on a jungle trek.


But I Don’t Know How to Dive!

That’s okay! Many watches are made for particular professions. Or they were, and tradition and fashion have carried them on. Does this mean that you shouldn’t wear a timepiece with a depth gauge if you don’t know your underwater safety stops? Not at all. Much in the way that I drive a sports car but don’t hit the track every day, don’t be afraid to hang a Breitling Navitimer from your wrist if you’ve not yet learnt to fly. But learn what those extra dials mean, in case anyone ever asks you. After all illusion is the first of all pleasures, but there’s no pride in ignorance.


So Let Your Watch Do The Telling.

Your watch tells more than just the time, and it isn’t for your eyes only. And it’s not like a car that will lose its value, or shoes that won’t last more than a season. A good watch won’t go out of fashion, and can age more gracefully than you. So let it compliment your image, speak of your class and prove your effortless style. Wear it, display it, care for it, but don’t grant it excessive public attention and it will speak volumes about you.

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