You may not be surprised to know that there are a few dress code rules required if you want to play tennis on The Championship courts at Wimbledon. These rules refer to all clothing worn on the famous courts both for practice and matches.

But before we get into the rules of what the players can and cannot wear (which I find incredibly appropriate given the out of control fashion statements we see on a weekly basis) let’s take a look at how you can ‘Represent’ at Wimbledon.

The All White menswear look continues to be fresh and relevant. If you felt it was out-dated think again. Many designers and retailers keep white as their staple item within their collections. Ask yourself this question. Who doesn’t have a white T-shirt in their wardrobe today?

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Versace, has always captured the pure essence of the white suit, which over the years has not lost its sophisticated and elegant appeal. Public School N.Y takes White to another level with the long – long – T-shirt and jersey magnificence, and Zara has introduced White into its men’s Spring/Summer 2016 suiting. Calvin Klein is synonymous with white (CK) underwear (since 1995 might I add) and New Balance are collaborating with sports stars in a ‘make it white’ collection. Topman, ASOS, Levi’s Crew Clothing and Reiss have all released White apparel knowing that when summer comes around, the lift from the dark and gloomy winter coats brings relief to gentlemen everywhere.

Besides, white apparel matches your most valuable accessory. Your smile.

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The Rules of Wimbledon as provided by their official website.

1) Competitors must be dressed in suitable tennis attire that is almost entirely white and this applies from the point at which the player enters the court surround.

2) White does not include off white or cream.

3) There should be no solid mass or panel of colouring. A single trim of colour around the neckline and around the cuff of the sleeve is acceptable but must be no wider than one centimetre (10mm).

4) Colour contained within patterns will be measured as if it is a solid mass of colour and should be within the one centimetre (10mm) guide. Logos formed by variations of material or patterns are not acceptable.

5) The back of a shirt, dress, tracksuit top or sweater must be totally white.

6) Shorts, skirts and tracksuit bottoms must be totally white except for a single trim of colour down the outside seam no wider than one centimetre (10mm).

7) Caps, headbands, bandanas, wristbands and socks must be totally white except for a single trim of colour no wider than one centimetre (10mm).

8) Shoes must be almost entirely white, including the soles. Large manufacturers’ logos are not encouraged. The grass court shoes must adhere to the Grand Slam rules. In particular shoes with pimples around the outside of the toes shall not be permitted. The foxing around the toes must be smooth.

9) Any undergarments that either are or can be visible during play (including due to perspiration) must also be completely white except for a single trim of colour no wider than one centimetre (10mm). In addition, common standards of decency are required at all times.

10) Medical supports and equipment should be white if possible but may be coloured if absolutely necessary.A more relaxed dress code operates at the Aorangi Park practice courts.

(Source: www.wimbledon.com)

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