I love fresh food. To me there are few things more delightful than cutting open a mango and devouring the whole thing before the first drop of juice runs off my chin. Or sitting down to a meal and having a fabulously fresh salad to accompany my steak, especially on a hot summers night (plus glass of your favourite beverage to wash it down is optional, but highly recommended). So for me, when my son pushes away peaches, turns his nose up at nectarines and scoffs at the sweet corn I graciously try and share with him I don’t know what to do with myself.

I know how important nutrition is to little ones, so I have started to look into new ways to try and smuggle those healthy, but hated, good nutrients into his body. And if talking to other mothers has taught me anything, it’s that we are never alone in our struggles. So I have put together a little list of my tried and tested ways of getting some extra vegetables into your little ones and the best part is they won’t even notice, and just so you know, these can work for fussy adult sized kids too.

Mini Pizza Meatloaves –My freezer has a constant supply of these brilliant little balls. I buy almost 2kg of mince at a time and have been known to throw in almost every vegetable imaginable in this recipe, meaning I am saving money and able to use up all those vegetables I would probably end up tossing out. I really can’t recommend these highly enough, my son has this for dinner on nights he won’t eat what we are or if he is being fussy.



Sausage Rolls – these chicken sausage rolls have stacks of vegetables hidden in them and are fairly quick and easy, but the best part for me was the fact I could prepare a whole bunch and freeze them for later! Nutritional and time saving on those nights when you haven’t thought of what to have.

Pasta Sauce – freezable pasta sauce with celery, carrots, leeks, peppers, tomato and onion which makes it the perfect way to get your 5 vegetable serves for the day? Yes, please! Mix this with a fun shaped pasta to add to the eating experience and you have a real crowd please

Vegetable Sauce – my son thinks he is pretty lucky if he gets sauce to dip his meat into…. little does he know he is dipping his steak into the very vegetables that are sitting untouched on the other side of his plate!


Reuasable Food Pouches – as a quick afternoon snack we always have a couple of food pouches on hand. They are especially great for when we are on our way out the door but there is a little one who keeps running back to open the pantry door. This way I can buy fruit that is in season and that I know he will gobble up, but I can sneak in some extra vegetables too and he is none the wiser because he can’t taste it through the banana, strawberry or raspberry flavours. We bought ours online at http://www.reusablesetc.com.au/ but there are lots out there so have a look and find a deal.

pizza shape

Shape cutters – This isn’t a way to sneak food in, it’s a way to encourage kids to think of food as more than a boring sandwich. Try cutting your favourite pizza into a star or football shape. If you are extra creative why not try something like this dinosaur scene – I can hear you now saying ‘oh no! You better munch on that stegosaurus head before it eats the whole tree!’.

dinosaur food

Do your kids love or loathe vegetables? How do you make sure they are eating a varied and nutritious diet? Share your tips with other StyleHunters below!



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