Pregnant celebrities have an uncanny way of pulling off a baby bump. Sure, a personal trainer, chef and dietician would definitely help – but we’re certain these celebs have some sort of super-pregnancy gene that most of us miss out on.

Aside from their out of control pregnant glow – not as common amongst normal women, we assure you – their confidence, ability to walk in 6 inch heels and flawless complexions have landed these women in the pregnancy allstars category. There, we said it.

Just in case you don’t agree, have a look at our top three pregnant celebrities of all time; there’s no denying that they own the ‘MILF’ title!


The How to loose a guy in 10 days star is the ultimate mum-to-be. Perhaps it’s just those incredible blonde locks, blue eyes and killer smile.

Pregnant Celebrities - Kate Hudson


Who knew you could still look so stylish when you’re pregnant? Nicole Richie definitely takes the cake for the most stylish pregnant celebrity.

Pregnant Celebrities - Nicole Richie


She is potentially the hottest celebrity mum out there. Jessica Alba has a pregnant glow about her like no other woman we have ever seen – no wonder she is our number one!

Pregnant Celebrities - Jessica Alba

Which pregnant celebrity do you think is best at pulling off the baby bump?