Saturday, April 4, 2020



An Afternoon with The Girl in the Bunny Ears

I always love to collaborate with my fellow fashion co-conspirators. This time it was with Cissy Zhang, The Girl in the Bunny Ears (@girlinthebunnyears),...

His Style, Her Style

During the last week of June, the Menswear Spring/Summer 15/16 Collections were on show in Paris; from safari themes at Balmain  to oversized suits and...

How to Wear: Boots in Summer – Kaitlyn Ham, Queensland

Boots in summer? It can be done. In fact, the warmer weather can be a great opportunity to experiment with colours, textures and cuts of boots not often appropriate when the chilly winds are biting at your ankles. The key to pulling of this trans-seasonal shift is all about balance. Lightweight summer threads call for ankle-grazing boots with low-profile cuts and subtle heels – you want the boots to anchor your outfit, not weigh it down.