Forget Suri Cruise, this little girl takes the cake when it comes to the fashion stakes. Aila Wang knows her trends, and she’s always one step ahead of them.

Okay, so having Alexander Wang as an uncle certainly helps. It’s probably unhealthy that we are draw-droppingly jealous of this little girl’s style, but let’s be honest – she has her own Chanel bag. Whether it be a leather and Nike combo or a beanie, denim and legwarmers this little fashionista never misses a beat.

Aila Wang street style

Not to mention, she gets to attend fashion weeks all over the world, is dressed by one of the most influential designers to date and to top it all off, she is ridiculously cute.

Just imagine her wardrobe as she gets older!

Aila Wang street style Aila Wang street styleCelebrity Kids Fashion

Which look is your favourite?