It’s officially holiday season and for those of us lucky enough to be heading off on a summer ‘vacay’, the countdown has begun and if you are off on a long-haul flight chances are you have already started packing, well at least in your head!
We’ve all seen pictures of our favourite celebs arriving at airports looking nothing less than fresh and fabulous and while we may not be able to organise a private jet or first class seats for you, we can certainly get you to your destination in style, so read on for the tips that will have you arriving looking (almost) as fresh as you did on departure.

#In the bag
Travelling smart is travelling light and your on board luggage is no exception. When it comes to your make up, now is the time to try out that barely there make up look. If you just can’t leave the house without a trace of make-up, restrict yourself to a highlighting concealer, a sweep of mascara and a tinted lipgloss. During the flight your skin is going to become very hydrated so do yourself a favour and grab a moisturising lip balm and a hydrating anti-oxidant facial spray to add to your kitty. Just before your arrival, freshen up and reapply.

Now that you have your make up sorted, add a small packet of face wipes (use to freshen up during the flight and to remove your original make up before you reapply – also VERY handy for accidental spills!) , roll on deodorant and of course a tooth brush and peppermints for fresh minty lips! We want you kissable on arrival!

#Rest up
Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to sleep anywhere anytime, but for those who struggle to hit snooze, an eye mask and noise cancelling headphones are a must, and if you want to take your attempts to the next level, download a meditation app – at the very least you will arrive stress free. Gigi Hadid


Water Water Water and more Water. There is nothing like a long haul flight to dehydrate your skin. Water will keep you hydrated and help flush out your system and the toilet breaks are the perfect way to stretch your legs and get you moving. Try and avoid alcohol because while it might relax you, it will zap out the moisture. Maybe a sneaky glass on take off but leave the rest of your celebratory drinks for your arrival Cheers!

Always travel in clothing that is warm and comfortable. Yes, this is one of the few places where leggings are appropriate attire; pair back with a slouchy tee and and make sure you have a scarf, socks and a lightweight jumper or cardi handy (cashmere is perfect) because it will inevitably get cold. For arrival, keep it simple opting for a classic look – this is not the place for displaying your high fashion prowess- a pair of skinny jeans, a simple tee and flats will be perfect, (keep your scarf  handy for unruly hair or to tie around your neck) and keep in mind that this is the time to play the fame game with an oversized pair of sunnies- just in case the concealer didn’t cut it!

Stick to this list and you will be fresh fabulous and most importantly, rip roaring ready for some holiday fun.


Jenni Sellan
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