Here’s an accessory for the season: The Cord Roll.

What began from a blond boy spending time in his grandfather’s shed has evolved into a minimalistic revolution. Who better to design a travel accessory other than a Qantas airline pilot? Introducing Shane Thompson: surfer, skier, globetrotter.


Shane Thompson has delved into a world of design, a place where his two loves are able to combine: adventure and versatility. The functional and simplistic design of the Cord Roll is aesthetically pleasing, with three band slots cutting the tangled situations of earphones and iPhone chargers. As a practical addition to a lifestyle or journey, the belt can not only hold cords, but cater to your L’occitane hand cream and cosmetic tube of choice. Whether you are buying for a techno teen, a buzzing executive, or a chaotic backpacker, the Cord Roll is an option that will not disappoint.

Coming in three raw colours: jet black, tan and french grey, this product is an easy accessory that satisfies a unisex audience. Weighing in at less than 50 grams and shorter than a pen, the Cord Roll is an onboard, on road and in bag accessory. Composed of vegetable-tanned leather, and upholstery-grade thread stitching, this handmade product has been developed by a real Aussie bloke. If leather is not your preferred taste, fear not. The future holds a synthetic sister to address vegan concerns.


The first batch of Cord Roll’s come as natural and earthy colours while Shane tests the preffered hues. For the lovers of vibrant colours, bright tones and shades of pink will be blossoming on future horizons. The Cord Roll movement comes at a time where travel and gifts are interlocking.

Due to the Cord Roll’s high demand, Christmas stock has sold out. However, the Cord Roll is still available to purchase and to be delivered in late February.

Tis’ the season to be organised.



To join Shane’s revolution, click here.

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