5 Minutes With Stevie Dance Former editor of RUSSH magazine turned New York City stylist, Stevie Dance is one of Australia's biggest fashion exports. Having studied cinematography and journalism at Sydney University, the past eight years have seen her rise from fashion intern to editor, to renowned stylist and freelance writer for publications such as China Vogue, Oyster and V-Magazine. Drawing inspiration from cinematography and garage rock, she experiments a great deal in layering different textures and materials and combining unusual fashion genres. Her new online venture, shopghost.com, has already drawn attention from the industry's insiders with its unique focus on the online shopping experience, not to mention its kitschy illustrations. We managed to catch up with Stevie during a short visit back to Australia at Melbourne's GPO restaurant Ca de Vin. Stylehunter: So how long are you in Melbourne for? Stevie Dance: Until Friday. I am working on an editorial shoot with MGPO for summer, focusing on the independent spirit of each label. SH: Do you find that Australian designers have a strong presence in New York and the U.S? SD: I think that people in New York especially are really open and invested in different cultures, especially Australia and Australian fashion. Whenever I wear something that's by an Australian designer in New York I always feel that people respond to it because they think of it as a source of independence. Australian designers definitely have an incredibly unique voice that is not seen anywhere else internationally. SH: What do you do to escape your hectic daily schedule? What do you do to unwind and relax? SD: I'm really into meditation, running and acupuncture. Sort of alternative forms of exercise and therapy. I love the idea of opening up some sort of health food shop or hippie retreat when I'm old and over fashion! SH: Do you think you will ever be old and over fashion? SD: (laughs) I don't know! I think you can be old, into fashion and have a health food shop. Or a combie. A hippie combie. I think I'd like that a lot. SH: So what's next for Stevie Dance? What are you working on at the moment? SD: I'm heading back to New York and working on curating the 100th edition of Oyster, we are celebrating 18 years in fashion which is incredible. But that's all I can tell you! SH: And of course you have recently launched shopghost! SD: Shopghost is awesome, it's really intense and sometimes I wake up and I'm like 'I hate shopghost!' But it's a medium of freedom for me, it's raw and exciting and I get to do things that I wouldn't necessarily get to do whilst working for another publication. It's also a platform whereby you can draw inspiration from other people when deciding what to wear or purchase. SH: Where do you draw your inspiration from? SD: It's definitely mood based for me. I can be really schizophrenic with the way that I dress. I can be really lazy, I can be a real hippie.. sometimes I just want to be all in black you know? It's however I feel. I'm so emo. It's definitely about my emotion. SH: And, finally, what are your trend predictions for summer? SD: Trend predictions for an Australian Summer? I don't necessarily believe in trend and predictions. I am terrible at doing these (predicting trends)! I think what's more interesting is the way each person decides to wear and style their own clothing in their own unique way, rather than copying what someone else says is cool. That being said however, we'd take a trend prediction from this style guru any day. Thanks to RaRa PR and Ca De Vin for having us! Read more Stylehunter.com Fashion News or Fashion Events articles.