THE MONTH of September. Poetically it signals the dawning of a new season. In the southern hemisphere heralding the beginning of the endless summer chase and for those in the north, that magical time of year when the leaves begin to turn, transforming into crisp golden hues; BUT for the fashion obsessed, the Stylehunters around the globe, it means one thing and one thing only. Fashion Week. New York. London. Paris & Milan.

The moments captured on the runway for the Spring/Summer collections take us to faraway lands; it’s a little bit fanciful, a little bit whimsical; our imaginations run wild and have us seated front row where we are snapped by ‘Vogue‘ photographers sipping champagne and rubbing shoulders and laughing out loud with the Kardashians #insertdreambubble;

And while the runway always leaves us wanting more, (it’s a seductive path), the fashion on the streets quickly awakens us to our current form of reality and we are immediately inspired as we are confronted with unique & individual interpretations of style from our favourite fashion bloggers, editors and industry influencers. The streets of fashion’s capitals are transformed into runways of their own kind and the fairytale literally, comes to life. Creativity is unleashed with no waiting required and no V.I.P connections necessary.
Access is immediate and indiscriminate!

So for your viewing pleasure we have curated some of the best street-style looks to come out of New York, snapped by infamous photographers with an eye for giving us exactly what we want!

Trending this year in New York were unexpected combinations and power pairings and of course, we saw the return of the classics with their own modern twist and plenty of monochromatic moments.

Blue and white stripes (a personal favourite), sat alongside those print parties that work against all odds and there were plenty of examples, (just for our US contingency) of how to ‘wear white after labour day’!

New York… you always inspire…next up, London. See you on the flip side!