Fashion and interiors, interiors and art, are often two sides of the same coin. It comes as no surprise then, that HM launches it’s home 2015 collection for the first time in the Middle East. Bringing us a sharp offering of fashion meets utility homewares.

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Arriving at the exquisite Meydan Beach Club, JBR for the press only launch of the collection, was by far one of my best days. It truly gave me a moment to appreciate and understand the HM Home Collection. Pastel hued hydrangea’s poured over ceramic vases, dusky coal blue blanket throws, subtly draped across cream bedspreads and tangy rainbow hued blankets sparkled in the sunlight.

The open space was complete with a large and perfectly arranged breakfast table that offered freshly baked muffins, coffee and a assortment of freshly squeezed juices, making one feel at home instantaneously. As the guests walked through the space eyeing what was on offer, the glass panels overlooked the vip resort, making one feel as if the time space was a strange hybrid of the 1920’s and the present.

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This was not a fast paced hack job of a collection. No, each item seemed to be meticulously crafted, each print seemed to have it’s own story. My eye caught, the edge of a ostrich plume pillow, stuffed closely in between a mint green applique cushion, and a semi-grey satin chair. These were pieces that exuded comfort without being ostentatious, this was chic without being pretentious. HM continues to build on it’s devoted fan base, offering to us the masses, a chance to create a space of dreams.

There was something here for everyone, from the ‘clean’ collection offering minimal grey, austere white and dove blue items, to the more quirky tropics option, showcasing goldfishes printed on pillows, and golden saucers. If, HM was exciting before, with it’s designer collaborations, this new venture has certainly opened the flood gates for a whole new consumer fanbase.

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So, there you have it. The collection which will be available from March 15th , designed in-house by H&M Home’s Head of Design, Evelina Kravaev Söderberg and her team will truly offer a new depth to your HM shopping experience.

Why have I  not mentioned the price range you say? well..because it’s too good to be true!

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