Lûmé is a unique contemporary destination launching this May at 226 Coventry Street, South Melbourne. Co-owned by talented head chefs Shaun Quade and JohnPaul Fiechtner, the young team has collaborated for their first restaurant, which is set to be a prominent addition to the vibrant Melbourne dining scene.

Located within an unassuming, heritage-listed frontage former burlesque lounge, the concept of Lûmé encompasses two spaces providing distinct yet equally high-end offerings. A low-lit ambient 40-seat restaurant with an 18 – 20 course tasting menu only and a bustling 40-seat ‘speakeasy’ bar with a dedicated food offering. The bar menu will feature authentic producedriven sharing style dishes and a signature cocktail list which will showcase surprising textures, flavours and distinctly unique serving vessels.

With the founders’ intention to create an innovative and carefully curated menu, respecting technique and consistency and exploring their curiosities, Lûmé has the foundation to deliver an experience unlike anything commonly seen in Melbourne today. Lûmé is an inventive concept, of which both chefs have chosen to plunge headfirst into the world of unusual, visceral and pleasurable food.

In preparation for the Lûmé menu, the chefs have invested their time exploring traditional and innovative techniques; some of which they have worked with before, others are still being tested and all will showcase exquisite locally sourced authentic Australian produce.

“We are creating an atmosphere for a completely interactive experience that will encourage dialogue between kitchen, bar and guests. With an open, visible, working kitchen, diners will feel as though they’re sitting right at the chef’s table,” informs Shaun Quade.

The approach at Lûmé allows for the element of surprise, and presentation of the menu will be left until the very end of the experience. Guests are encouraged to enjoy the food purely with their palates, rather than on print, and ideally not through the lens of their cameras.

Lûmé is about deliciouness, discovery and a highly personal take on contemporary dining.