An evening that never fails to display an abundance of talent, Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2016 Future Runway is one of the most exciting nights of fashion in the festivals’ calendar of events. From the conservative to the outrageous, the evening always brings a vast of array of talents from our local student designers that are the future of the states fashion culture. A visually enticing and overly intriguing night, this annual event not only highlights the art of fashion, but is also a wonderful opportunity of real world, industry experience for some of our lucky students.

This year’s runway did not disappoint; a neon lit catwalk set the futuristic scene whilst the speakers pumped dramatic and awesome tunes as the evenings soundtrack. In true dramatic flair, the night saw garments come alive and, in one instance, transformed before the audiences eyes; There was rainbow print fit for a glittering unicorn (or even menswear in this case), wooly and unraveling numbers, plus a prince metamorphosing into a magnificent crow.

Future Runway is an event like none other at the festival in that student designers, who are constantly looking to push the envelope whilst exploring and developing their own style, produce the fashion; which is what makes the evening so fascinating and unique.

Congratulations to all the students involved for the hard work and creative efforts for making it through to the finals. A further mention goes out to the following students who were lucky enough to take home a coveted TPFF Future Runway award.

Ready-to-wear Women’s

Misun Hwang (South Metro TAFE)

Eco Design

Eleanor Litterick (South Metro TAFE)

Ready-to-wear Men’s

Phoebe D’Arcy-Evans (North Metro TAFE)

Evening Wear

Monique Parr (South Metro TAFE)


Nicola Yeung (South Metro TAFE)

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With audience members in awe after the show, both teachers and students should be applauded for the nights’ success.

For more information about this years festival and events, please visit the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival website.

*All images by Ryan Ammon Photography